API Builder

This simple PLSQL program will…

  1. Save you hours (possibly days or even weeks) of development time.
  2. Contribute to your regular Daily Build architecture.
  3. Provide you with a complete Package per table with all DML (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) functionality included.

How does it work?

The API Generator creates code from a master PLSQL package and spools the result out to a text file (script.sql)

It then runs this file and creates an entire PLSQL layer to handle all DML functions for all tables in your schema.

Here’s the simplified running order…

  1. run api_builder.sql in SQLPlus (or TOAD).
  2. three tables are created to handle all generated code
  3. Base package is created to handle code generation.
  4. Package is run to generate code.
  5. Code is then spooled out to physical file.
  6. File is then run from SQLPlus and packages are created.
  7. Commit!
For a more detailed working example click here. For a video demonstration of API Builder click here!

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