Why was Apollo so successful?

Neil ArmstrongHearing about the sad passing of Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon (do I even need to remind people of that?), my fascination with the Apollo projects of the 1960’s and 70’s is rekindled yet again.

Does anyone wonder how these missions came to be so successful in a time when technology was so primitive that a modern digital watch has more processing power than the Apollo 11 Lunar Module?

Having read numerous books on the subject, I believe their success is due to one thing.

They simulated EVERYTHING.

Every detail of the mission was performed in minute detail on the ground where it was safe to do so and problems could be caught, analysed and solutions formulated before launch day.

We do the same when unit testing our code. We simulate the building of our software, we test it, and we fix problems all in the safety of our Development Environment before we launch it into the Live system.

Ok, you’re going to get the odd Apollo 13, but if you’ve taken these basic steps in stabilising your code the chances of a successful project are greatly increased.

Are you ready for blast off?

Neil Armstrong

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