The Bus Factor

The Bus Factor

The Bus Factor

Years ago a boss of mine once commented on what would happen to the project if I was run over by a bus.

Thinking about it I then decided to take it as a compliment. Apparently he was suggesting that I had sufficient importance on the project that if I was to “kick the bucket” in a horrible public transport accident, the project would be in trouble.

Apparently there is even a wiki on this kind of thing,

Of course other situations could occur which would have similar consequences for example, having a baby, getting a new job, winning the lottery.

Well one of those could happen, the other two are as likely as a Michael Jackson comeback Tour.

To be honest I feel that there is nothing a developer can write that cant be debugged by a similarly qualified developer and the concept of the Bus Factor is a little over exaggerated.

But of course, we all document our code anyway! 🙂

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  1. […] Bus Factor is described as the numerical integer which determines how many times a bus must hit one of your programmers before the project shuts down. It comes from software development. I heard it once in a podcast by Boagworld, a web design and development website (I’m also a experienced web designer and programmer). […]

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